“This is one of the best artists in the area. Our customers flock to our location to see Dylan. He is professional and a great dude.”

– Chade C. , Shades of Brew

I greatly appreciate your interest in having me play for your event!

I’ll do my best to make booking quick, easy, and hassle-free for you.

This page is set up to answer most questions you may have about my music and background.

Scroll down for more info, or simply click a link below:

How can I contact you?

Send me an email:

Or call/text me at: 


(If I don’t answer your phone call, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you shortly.)

You have a real gift and natural ability to connect with a crowd.  I also really appreciated your up beat style and original lyrics!  Great stuff, man! 

– Mike Vaughn, Singer/Songwriter

Do you play private events, weddings, etc?


I’ve played for many private parties, corporate events, charities/non-profits, weddings, festivals, etc.

Dylan Santiago playing for a private party.

I’ll help make everything easy for you!

I’ll be sure to provide all sound/music/lighting equipment, show up early to set up, and guarantee a great musical experience!

Availability is limited, so reserve your date and book now!

Are you interested in hosting a Living Room Concert? Find out more here! (No Booking Fee Required)

Dylan is bar none the nicest musician to work with, has the best rates and last but not least, a wonderful voice and terrific musical talent. 

– Jennifer B.

Do you offer any other services?


I also offer DJ, Karaoke, and MC services for your next event!

Picture of Dylan Santiago's DJ setup

This includes all sound equipment, lighting, and microphones needed.

Availability is limited, so book now!

Dylan was a great DJ for our fundraising event…he excelled and provided a fantastic experience for our guests. Thank you, Dylan!

– Harmonie J. , Oregon Humane Society

Do you have any music samples?

Of course! Check out my album, The KL EP:

Or you can find more music through my social media links below!

“You are brilliant, and I’m not just saying it! I adore your tone! So smooth, suits the song fully! I am your fan now, I will be back more than gladly! Honestly impressive!”

– Mihaela Claudia P.

What are your live performances like?

Overall, I can easily play up to 4 hours of acoustic covers and originals.

Covers can include a wide range of songs: The Beatles, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Police, Jazz Standards, Classic Rock, Acoustic Hip Hop, Dance Songs, and much more!

If you’re looking for a more intimate, acoustic setting, then I can play solo for your guests to enjoy.

Or I can play as a trio band (with bass and drums added) for a fuller, livlier set — This ensemble is very flexible and works well in all kinds of spaces and venues. Here’s a video of us playing “Hemingway” (pardon the messy garage):

I’ll be sure to provide all of my own sound and lighting equipment (if needed), show up early (at least 30 min before showtime) to set up and sound check.

For public events, I’ll invite family, friends, and promote the event online!

“Your singing was, obviously, brilliant. Your cadence, pronunciation, pitch, runs and emotion were all present, in buckets. You also know how to write a chorus: It’s one thing to have a catchy, high energy chorus, but fitting some elegant, expressive lyrics into it is a beautiful thing indeed.”

– Pitchfork Joe

Where can I find you on social media?

Click a link below!

Youtube | Instagram

Spotify | Facebook

“Your voice sounds so great with the tone of the uke!”

– Hannah C.

Can you explain your style/music/history? (bio)

Dylan Santiago is a baritone-ukulele playing, singer/songwriter from the Salem, OR area. His sound can be described as cross between Jack Johnson/Jason Mraz/Ed Sheeran. As a classically-trained tenor, he likes to add powerful vocals to memorable melodies accompanied by the acoustic, harp-like sound of the baritone ukulele. He started writing songs and performing in various places through years of travel across Europe and Asia. In August 2020, he recorded, produced, and released his first EP, “The KL EP” in his bedroom in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since 2021, he’s become a full-time musician — publishing more than 70 original songs, playing over 350 shows, and amounting over 700 hours on stage.

“You’re the best music I’ve ever heard in person”

-Christian S.

When are you available to play?

If you’re interested in booking, Now is the time to do it! Current bookings are growing fast and they come on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Reserve now!

If time permits, I can play multiple shows on a single day.

Any bookings outside of these dates/times are available:
(*Playing w/ Band)

December 2023
Dec 2 Sat | 12-4pm | The Four Graces Winery
Dec 3 Sun | 12-4pm | The Four Graces Winery
Dec 4 Mon | TBA
Dec 8 Fri | 6-8:30pm | Silverton Christmas Market*
Dec 9 Sat | 8-11pm | Oregon Garden Fireside Lounge*
Dec 14 Thurs | 6-8:30pm | Silverton Christmas Market*
Dec 15 Fri | 2-3pm | The Village at Keizer Ridge
Dec 15 Fri | 7-10pm | Highwater Grill & Rong Bar*
Dec 16 Sat | 7-9:30pm | 503 Uncorked
Dec 19 Tues | 6-8:30pm | Silverton Christmas Market*
Dec 21 Thurs | 9-10pm | Taproot Lounge & Cafe (Make Music Winter)
Dec 29 Fri | 6-8:30pm | Silverton Christmas Market*
January 2024
Jan 1-7 | Unavailable
Jan 12 Fri | 8-11pm | Oregon Garden Fireside Lounge*
Jan 13 Sat | 7-9pm | Corner 14
Jan 19 Fri | 6-9pm | Guerra’s Restaurant
Jan 20 Sat | 7-9pm | Hops on Tap
Jan 21 Sun | 2-4pm | Redgate Winery
Jan 25 Thurs | 7-9pm | 503 Uncorked (Songwriters Uncorked)
Jan 27 Sat | 8-11pm | Oregon Garden Fireside Lounge*
February 2024
Feb 1-4 | Unavailable
Feb 9 Fri | 8-11pm | Oregon Garden Fireside Lounge*
Feb 16 Fri | 2-3pm | The Village at Keizer Ridge
Feb 16 Fri | 6-9pm | Guerra’s Restaurant
Feb 17 Sat | 3-5pm | Coria Estates
Feb 18 Sun | 2-4pm | Redgate Winery
Feb 24 Sat | 8-11pm | Oregon Garden Fireside Lounge*
March 2024
Mar 1 Fri | 6-9pm | Guerra’s Restaurant
Mar 2 Sat | 7-9pm | Corner 14
Mar 8 Fri | 8-11pm | Oregon Garden Fireside Lounge*
Mar 17 Sun | 2-4pm | Redgate Winery
Mar 22 Fri | 2-3pm | The Village at Keizer Ridge
Mar 23 Sat | 8-11pm | Oregon Garden Fireside Lounge*
Mar 30 Sat | 3-5pm | Coria Estates
April 2024
Apr 12 Fri | 8-11pm | Oregon Garden Fireside Lounge*
Apr 19 Fri | 7-9pm | Hops on Tap
Apr 21 Sun | 2-4pm | Redgate Winery
Apr 26 Fri | 2-3pm | The Village at Keizer Ridge
Apr 27 Sat | 8-11pm | Oregon Garden Fireside Lounge*

Current bookings are growing fast and they come on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reserve now!

We appreciate all the work you have done to support and participate in Make Music Salem over the years. You are certainly one of the hardest-working musicians in town, and we are happy about your success and how much you enjoy performing.

Mark G. , Make Music Salem

Do you have any photos for promotion?

Click on a picture to see the full image:

I’ll also provide a customized social media poster for your event!

“I wanted to reach out because I’m a big fan. I signed up for your newsletter…. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s near Long Beach, California, so I love your Sublime covers. Very good.”

– Andrew M.

How can I stay updated with your music and performances?

Follow me closely, receive free music downloads, updates, a chance to win a free ukulele, and more here:

I look forward to playing for you!



We hired Dylan for a Luau event… Everyone absolutely loved him!

– Haley

Dylan was amazing! He was able to perform short notice for us, brought all of his own equipment and was very prompt.

– Mackenzie M.

Dylan is very talented. He preforms at our senior community monthly and does an outstanding job. The residents love him! His politeness and warm personality is truly admirable.

– Giselle M.