Dylan Santiago – Hanging Out, Chords and Lyrics

Baritone ukulele demo of Hanging Out by Dylan Santiago

Chords and Lyrics

| E | F#m | G#m | A | x2

Hanging out
Been messin ‘round too much
Like the way
You shiver when you touch
Roses and candles
Who has the time

| E – F#m | G#m – A | x2
Ooh Ah

| E | F#m | G#m | A | x2
Winding down
The party’s out the door
House is dry
I kinda want some more
Cocaine and handles
To pass the time

| E – F#m | G#m – A | x2
Ooh Ah

| E – Adim7 | C#m | AM7 | AM7 |
Still rolling papers to get high

| E – F#m | G#m – F#m | x3
Low feelings of self for reflection
The sexual tension
A sense of suspension
Anything to take the edge
Off of you
| E – F#m | G#m – A |

| E – Adim7 | C#m |
Poor execution for ya
No more excuses for yourself

| E – Adim7 | C#m | AM7 | AM7 |
Not worth the effort til you try

| E – F#m | G#m – A | x4
Ooh Ah

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