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Ambient & Acoustic
Living Room Concerts

Interested in having Dylan Santiago perform in the comfort in your own living room? (or backyard/garage/where ever!)

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Chill Out and Have a Night In

Watching a Local Music Artist Perform a Selection of Original Songs

Simply invite a local musician in your home and enjoy an unforgettable experience — Dylan Santiago (and maybe another local guest artist or two) will perform an intimate set (up to 90 min) for you and your guests.

No booking fee required!

This is your chance of a lifetime to turn your living room into a unique, comfy, and cool venue!

All that we ask for is a listening audience of at least 8 guests (including the hosts), an area to set up and perform, and access to a regular power outlet.

Supporting live music and local talent is great — but enjoying an emerging artist in the comfort of your own home, with your friends and loved ones, is an experience unlike any other!


You arrange your living room with comfortable seating around the artist, eating your favorite dessert, sipping on your favorite beverage, and savoring every note played throughout the evening…

You start to feel an exciting, uplifting energy shared by everyone in the room. You laugh, you bond, and then you realize that you helped create something truly special by bringing people closer together with music.

Lastly, to support the artists, we ask for a no-minimum donation from each guest and an opportunity to share our merchandise so everyone can have something to remember the experience by!

Make music the highlight of your next party or event — this is also a great opportunity for birthdays, special occasions, charitable events, and more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to share a memorable experience with your friends and loved ones!
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Or are you having an event where music is more of a background setting?

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